As electromagnetic pulsations of others pass through our torus field
Our individual immuno system will come into contact with other peoples biofields

Because we interact energetically an infected system can be detected
And will cause our immuo system to run a body scan
If a particular body is not operating at optimum levels a detox will occur

No one catches a virus from contact
When someone feels ill from being around an unhealthy person
It is just them going through a body scan resulting in the release of toxins

Radioactive frequencies cause acidic conditions in people
A parasite thrives and optimizes its comfort in an acidic environment

By making the human body acidic there is increased toxicity
Which leads to chronic ailments

95 percent of the population carry around cell phones
Cell phones are targets of microwave radiation emitted by cell phone towers

By using a cell phone you cause your body to become acidic and toxic
Through directing harmful radiation to yourself

The new 5G MIMO antennas on cell phone towers have beamforming technology
They can download data from your bioelectric body
These highly charged energy beams are focused on your 5G cell phone

6 feet is the maximum radial range of a persons torus field
When we stand 6 feet away our energy systems are separated
We become disconnected from each other
We cannot feel for someone that we cannot energetically sense

6 feet away makes for better pinpointing of MIMO technology
To upload your data to CRISPR
But MIMO now can target hundreds simultaneously

MIMO stands for multiple input and multiple output
It is the method for multiplying the capacity of a link
Using multiple transmission and receiving antennas to exploit multipath propagation

CAS technology uses CRISPR manufactured proteins
To chop up our DNA with molecular scissors

Parasites through deception and manipulation of the mind operate covertly
Our Source energy is being used to energize otherworldly parasites!