Besides the Dead Sea
The Great Salt Lake in Utah
Is another example of high energy weaponry

This happened very recently
And was part of the Tartarian massacre

The impossibility of the early Mormon Temples
Being built by settlers in the 1800s with hammers and chisels is quite apparent

There were also many resorts on Lake Bonneville
Of which the Great Salt Lake was only a part
That were built by the Tartarians
And not by early settlers with an ox pulling a cart
Containing blankets gun powder and sustenance

Lake Bonneville was a fresh water lake
And part of a naturalistic wonderland covering much of Utah

The high mineral content of the pure water made it extremely healthy
Artesian wells were common
Pure mineralized water supports the electro catalytic functions in our cells

Lake Bonneville had steamboats and many resorts
Accessed by a railroad system
The impossibility of early settlers building railroads is also quite evident

One of the biggest resorts was the Garfield Resort
It had a massive 400 foot pavilion and 200 bathhouses
It had the worlds largest dance floor
And six bowling alleys

The Saltair Resort had 1000 bathhouses

There was the Lakeside Resort
The Lake Point Resort
The Black Rock Resort
The Sunset Beach Resort
The Lake Shore Resort
The Syracuse Resort

These names were not the original names

They were all electrically powered
They all had dance floors
Some had Merry go Rounds

A seven mile causeway with wooden trestle bridges
Was built out to Antelope Island

Wildlife abounded much more than it does today
Whales were able to access the lake through underground caverns

In addition to Lake Bonneville
There was Lake Lahontan in California
Which was another interconnected lake system

It included Mono Lake
With its calcified Tufa Towers
Owens Lake
Pyramid Lake
And Summer Lake

The bad water that now makes up the Great Salt Lake
Testifies to the chemistry changes induced by high energy input

As does the current low water levels that resulted

The few fresh water rivers that flow into the Great Salt Lake
That reduce the salinity in those areas
Are the only places fish can survive

When we wake up to the truth
You can see the world for what it was
And for what it is now

It is not always pleasant

But the truth heals
And it will set you free!