The corona is the outer ring of electrical plasma around the sun
The sun is small positively charged anode and spirals above the earth plane
Alternating between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn

This alternation causes the seasons
And the spirals of the sun causes day and night

A solar flare can be caused by a high energetic artificially induced current hitting the suns corona
But a major solar flare could only have a limited localized effect upon the earth
When the grid system is turned off a solar flare will be the excuse given

When power is resumed a new frequency will be introduced
The purpose is to entrap our souls in the new vibrational energy grid

It is being portrayed as the ascension into 5D
But will be the quantum entanglement into the Cloud

The Cloud is the highly energetic upper atmosphere
Created by the introduction of conductive nano metals
It connects the 5G system with the central quantum computers

What people think is the new spiritual wave
Will actually be the connection to and control by AI

The purpose behind this rigamarole is to prevent enlightenment
To keep the simulation enslavement of our perception going
As the real plasma cycle of the holy spirit enters our frequency bubble

We can reach a state of enlightenment just by realizing who we are

We are manifestations of universal consciousness
We are expressions of cosmic intelligence
We are electrical beings and our chemicals are byproducts of electrical impulses

Our biofield is being bombarded by many new modulated frequencies
The average voltage of charged particles has enormously increased

With every so called pandemic
There has been a quantum leap in the electrification of the earth

The corona virus is not a contagion
It is not a virus
It is an electromagnetic attack upon the human cellular structure by microwave radiation!