Factory farming is the biggest evil in the world. Each year billions of animals are subject to the most cruel forms of treatment for their whole lives and then mercilessly slaughtered. There is no such thing as a humane kill.
As one ex-cattle rancher who has become an animal rights activist says ‘they know what’s coming and will fight with all they have to the end in order to try to preserve their life’.
Animals value their lives just as much as we value ours.
We were never meant to eat animals. There is no enzymes in meat to break down it’s substances. Therefore our body has a very hard time digesting it. It sits in our intestines and harmful, disease producing bacteria is spread.
Animal flesh is loaded with saturated fats and cholesterol which clog the arteries, smothers the organs, covers cells and invades the bloodstream preventing the normal flow of blood. All these outcomes leads to many different health conditions including heart disease the number one killer of humans. In fact just about all of the top death producing illnesses such as diabetes, stroke and cancer are the result of eating animals.
Conditions on factory farms are terrible. Cows are restrained to very small enclosures and have to stand in their own feces. Pigs are confined to gestation crates and cannot even stand or turn around. Chickens are stuffed in cages. Free range just means stuffing them in a big dark barn. The only sunlight they will ever see is on their way to the slaughterhouse.
Pigs get their teeth removed with pliers and their testicles get torn off manually. Chickens get their beaks sawed off to keep them from pecking each other in their crowded conditions.
Because they do not produce milk baby male calves are killed within weeks often by hitting them with a hammer on the head. Newborn male chickens are ground up alive or stuffed in garbage bags because they do not produce eggs.
In their tiny prison confinements animals get sick from bacteria and are given high amounts of antibiotics that winds up in their flesh which is consumed.
On dairy farms cows are raped with a rape rack and then at the end of nine months when they give birth their babies are stolen so that the milk can be forcibly taken from them and sold to humans. The male calves are used for veal and the females are subjected to the same slavery as their mothers. Then after four or five years the strength of a dairy cow is diminished and they are sent to the slaughterhouse.
The milk which is meant to turn a baby cow into an 800 pound cow has over 30 hormones which humans struggle to digest. Thus the term lactose intolerant. Not only were we never meant to consume their flesh we were never meant to drink their secretions. We were meant to just drink our mother’s milk when we are babies.
A high percentage of the crops grown namely soybean and corn goes to feeding animals on factory farms. 15 pounds of plants produce only 1 pound of flesh. Thus there is an enormous amount of land that needs to be cleared just to feed the billions of animals that are consumed for people’s fleeting taste pleasure.
The waste runoff from these farms pollute nearby areas.
If we would eat the crops directly instead of filtering them through animals not only would we be healthier but we would have more food. Malnutrition in third world countries would end.
The whole system of factory farming is insane. Putting animals through a life of misery just to consume them while making ourselves obese and hindering our proper body functions which shorten our lives.
And one limits themselves spiritually by consuming animals. We restrict our circle of compassion by treating animals as objects and being indifferent to their suffering. You cannot love animals and eat them at the same time.
98% of the meat in todays supermarkets come from factory farms. Even if an animal has had a good life they do not deserve being mutilated at a slaughterhouse.
A cow gets a bolt gun to the head. Then they are hung upside down and their throat gets cut. Their skin is also ripped off while they are still alive struggling to be free.
Pigs are forced into gas chambers where they burn from the inside out. Then they are hung up and their throats get slit and they bleed out until they die.
Chickens are hung upside down and sent through a saw to cut off their heads. Many times they are still alive and have to be banged against the wall to kill them.
This is hell on earth! A real life Texas Chainsaw Massacre!
These are living, breathing, thinking and feeling beings.
We expand our soul and increase our quality of life through better health by not consuming flesh or any animal products. We lengthen our lifespan and we treat the environment better by extending compassion towards our precious animal friends!