Factory farming is the biggest evil in the world today. Each year billions of animals are subject to the most cruel forms of treatment for their whole lives and then mercilessly slaughtered. There is no such thing as a humane kill.  As one ex-cattle rancher who has become an animal rights activist says “they know what’s coming and will fight with all they have to the end in order to try to preserve their life”.
Animals value their lives just as much as we value ours. There is no enzymes in meat to break down the substances it has in order for our body to digest them. Instead what we put in our bodies by eating animals is saturated fats and cholesterol which clog our arteries and is the reason for the number one killer in the USA which is heart disease. Many other illnesses such as diabetes, stroke and cancer is also the result of eating animals. Conditions on factory farms are terrible and this leads to high levels of bacteria which we also wind up ingesting. The hormones which are forced upon these poor animals also get passed to the consumer. There is 0 compassion at these places towards animals who are living, breathing, thinking, feeling and aware beings. Beings who want to live and be happy just we do. Who can feel pain just like we can.
70% of what we grow – mostly GMO soybean and GMO corn goes to feeding animals on factory farms. The environmental consequences of this is enormous as GMO seeds infiltrate other areas.
If we quit eating animals and grow natural produce instead not only would we be healthier but we would have more food.
98% of the meat in todays supermarkets come from factory farms. Supporting such an abhorrent depravity and eating the chopped up animals coming from there is not only physically bad for you but spiritually bad for you.
The battle is against greed and indifference and ignorance.
We expand our soul by extending love towards our precious animal friends!