The monkeypox vaccine will have smallpox
It will contain a more virulent infectious strain
And cause a smallpox outbreak

This will result in a high mortality rate
And cause the public to panic

It will also divide the masses
Because the unvaccinated will be blamed

The synthetic smallpox will have homologous chromosomes
Of DNA that has been pieced together
With genetic code instructions

In some schools if a child refuses to wear a mask
The covid cult teachers will call the police

Washington DC students 12 and older
Now have 2 weeks to get jabbed
Or get kicked out of school

They will also be banned from getting an online degree

The cultists will not be happy
Unless a kid is double vaxxed and quadrupled boostered

Each vaccine breaks down the immune system
And will eventually cause a cytokine storm

Pfizer admits their new universal flu vaccine
Has multiple mRNAs

Pfizer and Moderna and the rest
Have a green light of defacto approval to put anything out

That is not surprising since the FDA and CDC
Are made up of pharmaceutical executives

Senators and Congressmen are on the take
And are only concerned about the Pfizer and Moderna share prices
Of the stocks they have been lavishly given

They are told what to vote for
And told what to say

The worlds power structure is hierarchal
Compartmentalized into a need to know pyramid

The lower levels are duped
Just like the rest of the gullible public

But if the people at the non important levels
Are at least half way intelligent
They should have a good idea of what is going on!