A new variant of the Covid virus
Will soon be announced
Called the Delta variant

Even though it will probably be a little stronger strain
The average immune system can still overcome it

They will ramp up the number of casualties
To scare people into taking the vaccine
So they can get their goal of 70 percent vaccinated by July 4

Many health are workers give the vaccine
But refuse to take it

They administer it to people entering arenas
And to people in their cars

Cadets in the Naval Academy who refuse to take the vaccine
Have to go into solitary confinement for 7 days

Hospitals are enacting mandatory vaccinations
And firing the ones who do not take it

By this Fall the United States
Will have approximately 250 – 300 million people vaccinated

The severe latent side effects will start showing up late this year
And the Zombie Apocalypse will be underway

The side effects will be the result of spike proteins
Such as glycoprotein 120

Spike proteins become Prions
And cannot be broken down

Nano sized super paramagnetic iron oxide materials called Spions
Influenced by magnetic lines of force
Are quickly absorbed into the brain and central nervous system

Sores and boils will break out on the vaccinated
They will seek death but cannot find it

That is because the 5G switch will be turned on
And they will be just a part of the machine
A node in the computer
An appendage of the body