An explosion in New York City is planned
It will be blamed on Iran
And it will trigger World War 3

People are moving out of New York City and California en masse
They know something is up

As awareness increases timelines collapse
So nothing is for sure

In 2014 and 2015 the Blood Moons were on the Jewish Feast Days
On Passover and Sukkot
Which is impossible unless it was all planned out

They were to foretell 7 years of feast
Followed by 7 years of famine

Of which the Antichrist is to reign for 42 months

When the Illuminati sacrifices a child
They are placed on a statue of Molech referred to as the Red Bull
On the Bulls Eye or Target

When Mars in the former sky aligned on the celestial cross
Plasma flowed from it to the heavenly host

The pierced side of the Son of God was the vortex of the plasma discharge
This became the blood of Christ or the red wine that was drank by his disciples
The disciples were celestial orbs or angels

As they received the Blood of the Lamb the angels gave thanks
Meaning they sparkled and glowed from the incoming plasma

As plasma flowed from other areas this became the flesh

It looked like the Father God Saturn was sacrificing his son

The reason Mars was called the Lamb of God is because it turned whitish
From its proximity to the North Polar Axis

Which was in former times called the Milky Way
Because of its bright white appearance

Mars saved the world through the Holy Spirit
Which was the clear white polar axis

As the Dove or Holy Spirit came down the axis
It brightened
Meaning sins were forgiven

The name Jesus is from the Greek Iesus
The y sound of the letter I got changed to the letter J

Jesus in Aramaic is Yesua
Which means Yahweh is salvation

The 1 in front of archaic dates is actually an I
An abbreviation for Iesus

Mars also became the Sacred Heart of Mary
Because of the red plasma discharge

With the appearance of the two Saturnian terminals connected to the axis
It looked like a celestial bull

The bulls eye was Mars
The Lamb of God who shed his blood

The inner most vibrant orbs were the archangels or the 4 evangelists

In Kabbalah theology
Mars was the Archangel Metatron
Who created a cube out of his soul

He oversaw the Tree of Life
And sent energy from himself to all of creation

People go to church
And get involved in secret cultic societies
Because they have an inner connection to this cosmic order

But what it is exactly remains hidden to them
And their mystic connection gets exploited in what has become control systems

Division and war have resulted from the different interpretations
Of the former cosmic order

Which has been lost in time
Until now!