Viruses are injected cells which have been tampered with

We can inherit damaged cells form our parents and grandparents
Who were vaccinated

Or we can pick them up from close contact with others

Viruses cannot exist outside the body
All this sanitizing is to promote lack of oxygen in your cells
Which will make your immune system weaker

As the immune system rids the body of damaged cells
It is misdiagnosed as the flu or Covid 19 or a variant

No one has ever identified a single Covid virus
What are being called a Covid virus is just damaged cells

Variants are just different poisoned cells in booster shots

The pill Covaxin by Ocugen is said to be 90 percent effective
Against the Omicron and Delta variants

It has 250 mg of aluminum hydroxide
Which is a very toxic compound

The pill Sabizabulin is said to enter the micro tubular assembly
And knock out the variants

Paxlovid by Pfizer is a very dangerous pill
It is marketed as 95 percent effective
Against Covid and its variants

All these pharmaceuticals have many hard to pronounce chemicals
Meaning you should not take them

All their marketing schemes
Are just layer upon layer of lies

Pandemic is a code word for a milestone achievement
Of bringing in the NWO and Antichrist

Pandemic = Pan
Demic = demon

A swift moving evil!