When you die there will not be an angry god
Putting people in eternal damnation
Because they did not bow down and worship him

That would be a very imbalanced being

Our universe is made up of many realms
Each with its own vibration
You will go where your vibration takes you

Matter is slow vibrating energy
We live in a low vibrational realm
So raise your vibration

You raise your vibration by raising your awareness
By increasing your integrity and having higher virtues

All religions are control systems
The Bible teaches all leaders are put there by God
And to render unto Caesar what is Caesars

In other words it teaches do not question the government

The government does not care about your health
If they did they would not put poisons in our food water and air

It is controlled by the hidden elite
And their non human overseers

When you believe what you see on TV
And you take the jab
You are giving your consent to be under their authority

All religions claim to have a special connection to the divine
But when they endorse or do not speak against the vax
It is obvious that the connection is to the unholy

The vax has hydrogel containing nano particles
Which carry gene changing mRNA

If you have taken the vax and do not do body cleanses
Chances are your days are numbered
The number of years depends on which shots you have taken

The next vax will be the micro needle array patch
It will be sent in the mail and it will be self administered
The microneedles will break off and leave a tattoo or mark

The mark will be fluorescent enzymes called luciferase or Lucifer Rays
This is the Mark of the Beast
The Beast is the AI quantum computer

Graphene in the vax will connect you to the Cloud
Which is the ionized atmosphere of sprayed metallic chemicals

The Cloud will connect you to the Blockchain
Which will contain a digital money system
You will not be able access money without the Mark

The red carpet of AI is being rolled out to humanity

Carefully crafted narratives are being told
To gain compliance and submission on an unaware public

And enforce the goals of transhumanism!