When AI technology and bio engineering is integrated into the human mind
It damages our DNA signals and prepares us for body snatching

When AI is downloaded into the neurology of the brain
Reptilian entities can attach and project themselves into our realm

This is now common in high profile positions
And we are becoming a sub species of them

It is part of an interdimensional conflict over personal sovereignty

Silent weapons of covert technologies are broadcast in the airwaves
And spread in the ley lines
To develop negative shadow forms in the minds of the masses

AI signals are implanted to grow demon seeds

At the same time a profound epiphany and spiritual awakening
Are allowing people to see the eternal light of higher truth
That we hold the inner light of the god essence

The thymus gland is where the heart is elevated
It is where potentials are activated

When astral bodies align or become prominent
Energies are received and our dormant DNA is ignited

Enabling us to see through the programming

Due to shifting architecture in the astral planes
The plandemic is much less effective than anticipated

The medicine given is not designed to heal
The word medicine comes from the Satanic Medici family
And cine = sin

As the primal divine tones are received from the magnetic center
As consciousness is brought down from the heavens

Where Venus transmits the perfect proton and neutron unity
And the cosmos turns in beautiful elegance

The destructive timelines of anti life reversal currents disappear
The manufactured world crisis comes to an end

And we retain our sovereignty!