1) What is claimed to be viruses are part of your body’s immune system
2) These cells cannot exist outside your body
3) Aerosol particles easily penetrate masks
4) Masks deprive your body of oxygen
5) Masks make you dumber because the brain requires a high level of oxygen
6) Your prefrontal cortex, brain stem and medulla oblongata become less active with low oxygen
7) All your body’s compulsory mechanisms are highly dependent on oxygen
8) Your bloodstream will carry less oxygen thereby depriving your cells of oxygen
9) Oxygen deprivation decreases your immune system
10) Wearing a mask drops the level of oxygen way below OSHA standards which is federal Law
11) A President or a Governor cannot make laws
12) If an executive order is announced by them in a crisis then the Legislature must meet and vote on it within two weeks
13) Since this has not happened all executive orders are null and void
14) Harassing citizens with illegal orders is a violation of Civil Rights
15) Masks are made of GMO BT Cotton which is drenched in Round-Up a highly toxic pesticide
16) They also have Formaldehyde, Triclosan and Sodium Fluoride which are all poisons
17) They are uncomfortable
18) They make it hard to breathe
19) They restrict your emotional connection to other people
20) They restrict your level of social interaction
21) A mask hinders your spirituality
22) It suppresses our true selves
23) And covers our individual identity
24) When a person wears a mask they take on the spirit of the likeness of the mask
25) What we think and what we do we become
26) Wearing a mask puts you in a trance like state of sickness
27) Has any of your relatives or friends died of this mysterious illness?
28) Has any of your friends on social media died from it?
29) Everyone on TV is just well paid actors
30) If you wear a mask you are being cowardly not virtuous
31) It is for mind control through constant fear and worry
32) The purpose of governments is to protect our rights not enslave us through unlawful edicts
33) The Governor of Minnesota who is a medical doctor has denounced the wearing of masks
34) Auto accidents are occurring because the driver is getting light headed and nauseous from wearing a mask
35) Wearing a mask makes you accept a false narrative
36) Wearing a mask shows you are not exhibiting critical thinking
37) If you are harassed or put in jail you can win a lawsuit as long as the judge is not corrupt or stupid
38) Nurses and doctors have come out against wearing a mask
39) President Trump never wears a mask
40) Judges in Oregon, Wisconsin and Illinois have struck down the executive orders of Governors
41) Lawsuits by businesses and churches have shown that Governors are overstepping their authority
42) Many local police are not enforcing these unconstitutional laws
43) The real reason that Governors are making these edicts is because they are deep in the pockets of those creating this phony crisis
44) The idea that we are going to be saved by hard working scientists finding a cure is nonsense
45) The fake vaccine is all ready to go and will be out in probably January
46) Dr. Fauci is a fraud and his wife is on the board of the CDC which is a private for profit company
47) If everyone cooperates it will soon be illegal to step outside your door without a mask
48) This is a Psy Op to reduce the population to a serf class
49) And it is also for the reduction of the population
50) The end goal is to make you take the vaccine
The vaccine will be a needle array of nano sized quantum dots
It will be a gene transport system
Delivering DNA by way of lab created viruses
Your DNA will be modified the same way crops are genetically modified
In the same way Monsanto has patented their GMO foods you will become property of the patent holder
You will be owned to be bought and sold