The self assembling nano tech in Pfizers MRNA vaccine
Is built from graphene oxide

The graphene within the body is activated by microwave signals
Which form the foundation of an internal electronic system
With an endless potential for bio manipulation

The optimal frequency to power graphene is 26 hertz
Which is exactly the frequency output of 5G towers

Graphene is seen as a pathogen by our immune system
The side effects of graphene oxide
And the side effects of the fake Corona virus
Are exactly the same

As incoming plasma circulates through the body
The chakras will fade out

The hemispheres of the brain will unify
And become fully charged
You will be able to manifest quickly

Plasma is a substance that will dimension shift

It will bolster organs and tissues
Renew muscles and teeth
And amplify the immune system
Taking out graphene and man made parasites

The mass experiment of nano tech by psychopathic mad scientists will come to an end
Even if you got multiple shots it will not matter

As your biofield recharges
Telepathy will be common

The evil deeds and dirty details of celebrities will be exposed
And we will no longer give our power away to authorities whom we have trusted

The push by politicians trying to act concerned
Or by someone dressing up in a white coat acting as an objective scientist
Or by someone with a screen actors guild card
Will no longer carry any weight

741 hertz cleanses the body from all types of toxins
And can be utilized with the use of tuning forks

We live in a harmonic universe with 12 octaves
As we move to higher notes
We get rebooted back to factory set!