We are in a freak show
Being sprayed daily with poison

And people are not only wearing diaper masks
They are voluntarily taking a vaccine
Made up of viruses and nano particles

Not even considering that our immune system
If it needs strengthening
Is boosted by what we eat

The Book of Revelations says one third of humanity will die
Which might mean one or two billion

Everyone who has been vaccinated
Has taken the Mark of the Beast

Those who do not die
Because their body is strong enough to make the transition
To a synthetic zombie

Will have synthetic gene circuits
That change DNA operations
And will worship the Beast
When the 5G switch is turned on

5G is in use now
But it will be a specific frequency
Which will activate the dormant nano particles

And stimulate the enzyme luciferase
Which will emit a near infrared signal

These enzymes will be in the quantum dots
Which are electron atoms of gold and copper
Contained in the vaccine

And will signify that one is hooked up
To the quantum computer
By being entangled with the electrons of the quantum computer

These synthetic gene circuits
Will rearrange nucleotide molecules
And control interactions within the cells
Including brain cells

And will cause complex behavior
With unwanted interference between molecules

Vaccinated people will do the bidding
Of the quantum computer through the Blockchain

Humans will be reduced down to simple computers
And synthetic life forms

No longer individuals
With independent thought

Destroying free will

Synthetic biocomputers are being injected into people
At this very moment!