A centrally controlled one world currency
Will be put in place after a market crash
That will be the result of a manufactured event

The Block Chain which has all your personal information
Will be the bank for the new social credit system
Which will penalize with fines unapproved behavior

It will be divided into four classes
The Common the Restrictive the Quarantine and the Sovereign

The Common class will make up 95 percent of the population
They are the one who drank the kool aid

Commoners will get one thousand dollars a month
But cannot exceed 5 thousand dollars in net worth

The Restrictive and Quarantine classes are the ones who question government policies
They cannot own anything and their assets will be seized
Their bank accounts cannot exceed 1 thousand dollars

Having cash gold or silver will be irrelevant
Bartering is prohibited

The Sovereign class will make up 1 percent of the population
And will have no restrictions

They can have an unlimited bank account
With no carbon score deductions

Sovereigns will have no restrictions on food
And do not have to be vaccinated

The Sovereign class will include the Jewish Freemasons
The Banking Cartel and the Illuminati
Plus the Corporate Government Crime Syndicate

Most of them will be and are right now
Possessed by off world entities

A few Pacific Island countries
As well as Haiti Cuba and North Korea are resisting

This sheer idiocy can be stopped if the public refuses to participate
That would mean a mass awakening

We have to quit being sheeple
And reject this Dystopian nightmare

We have to transcend this duality
And claim our own sovereignty

We have to empower ourselves with divinity
And tune in to our higher intuition

When we do this
Magic will happen!