The Cathedral of St John the Divine
Is another Tartarian structure

It is on Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan
Close to Columbia University

It is 330 feet long and was originally built as a cruciform
It has a 450 foot tower with tiled arch domes and barrel vaults

In the interior there is an upper level gallery called a triforium

Above the hartheim or congregation area are 2 more towers
The north tower is 177 feet
The south tower is 227 feet
Originally they were 266 feet high

There are 5 levels
On the ground level there are 5 portals with arches
The 1st tier has a gallery or balcony
The 2nd tier has a large 40 foot diameter rose window
The 3rd tier has ginsaille and tall narrow lancet windows
The 4th tier has gables

The Center portal contains descriptions of New York skyscrapers
Being destroyed in an apocalypse

The rose window is constructed with over 10,000 pieces of glass

In the western elevation there are 2 huge bronze doors
Each door has 30 relief panels

The roof is copper

The interior has piers and columns with flying buttresses
That divide the nave into 5 aisles with 16 sub bays

Between the nave and the apse is the Crossing
Which has 4 massive granite arches
To support the 450 foot tower

Above the Crossing there is a domed roof
With arches containing triangular pendentions

There is an apse which is a semicircular recess
With hemispheric vaults

There is a 250 ambulatory which surrounds the choir
It has red clay tiles with green serpentine borders

The Great Organ has 8514 pipes

The basement has massive amounts of quartz crystal

There are surrounding buildings called the Closing
The Ithiel building has a central pavilion
Containing a portico of colonnades with carved wood capitals
It also has a granite staircase

The Synod house has an exterior of pink sandstone

There is also the Diocesan House
The School House and the Episcopal Residence

This Tartarian Cathedral has been converted into a Catholic religious center
Cathedral is a cathode house or energy building

The Great Organ produced life giving energy
Which was circulated through the various interior structures
And stored in the domed roof

The towers were connecting points of transmission

The large window was a portal that sent energy into the surrounding area

The copper roof and the quartz crystal basement
Amplified the electrical energy

It was an enormous harmonious structure
That healed people energetically
Activating their human potential
Elevating their spiritual nature

And connecting them past the confines
Of their microscopic world!