Your reality will be according to the structure you are projecting
In order to manifest a positive outcome
You have to hold a high vibrational sequence
Which you obtain with a momentum of giving and sharing

You also have to be a clear vessel
You need to care about your body
You have to treat yourself as worthy of being cared for

A raw vegan diet is best
Cooking kills the life force

GMOs have no nutritional value and are full of poisonous chemical pesticides

You cannot be indoctrinated with mainstream beliefs
They will create energy blockages

If you have a pre incarnation agreement
Higher level beings will download into your hologram
Elevated states of dimensional awareness
And you will then resonate with your true purpose

You will also have a compatible parallel timeline reality to experience ETs
And receive an upgrade in your DNA

If you are continually in your own deception
Your own hertz sequence will not match the higher realms

The ether is a collection of geometric sequences
Every molecule has vibrational subtones
Benevolent ETS cannot exist in our current level of consciousness vibration

We are now in a 3 4 5 resonance sequence
Where 3 is preparation for a new sequence coming into the field

Sequences are vibrational combinations
Your experience of them fluctuates
Depending on what you are projecting at a particular momentum in a certain timeline

You cocreate in the now
When you are dwelling on the past or worried about the future
You give up your power

Feel the positive emotion and connect to it
Then perceive and actualize a positive sequence

What you perceive is what you create
What you create is what you observe
What you observe is what you experience!