Your body is an electrical structure of specific frequencies
Every molecule in your body has a magnetic vibrational sequence

Everything you download is a frequency from the quantum field

Your emotion is a very potent energy vibration that you can crystallize in the quantum structure
And create the next reality of your plasma hologram

Use a strong positive emotion for manifestation
Grab the vibration of having everything and project it into the quantum field
Let the quantum structure decide how it will come to you

Project personal needs such as a house car vacation or partner
And the needs of others such as freedom for children who are prisoners in the occult world
And freedom for animals who are prisoners in the meat dairy and egg industries

You can manifest anything with your imagination and positive intention
But you have to believe it
And you have to know you have what you desire

The artificial grid is now down
And the 5th dimensional reality is here
Negative platforms will begin to collapse

Your body magnetically harvests trinity plasma light energy
Consciousness creates with plasma and you project everything you see

You are creating your own hologram that is running on your frequency
Stay on the emotion of vibration from the heart
And positive platforms will come to you

You are the structure
You are consciousness
You are the creator!