When the moon came humanity went crazy
We lost our calm and peaceful demeanor
And became anxious and fearful

We lost our ability to talk with animals
And our interdimensional communication skills went missing

We were deprived of our capacity to see the many colors of an enhanced color spectrum
And now are held in a tiny band of frequencies that allow us to be suppressed

Major changes to the body took place
And our vigorous physical robustness declined

Our respiratory system and our endocrine system
Our pituitary gland and our pineal gland all suffered

Our minds have been spellbound and beguiled
Into thinking of animals as a piece of meat
By those who think of us as a piece of meat

Humans now exhibit cold blooded behavior
And believe might is right

We think we are free
But are enclosed within a limiting frequency system

We accept the absurdity of believing we are walking on a small spinning globe
And compare our world with the high frequency plasma objects we call planets

We are in acquiescence to hierarchy
And pursue status and power as our preeminent goal
Where more is never enough

Where we are being squeezed mercilessly
By the reptilians behind the banking system
Who use our negative energetic emotions as food
To sustain their presence here

Who also rape our world of its resources
To manufacture their complex web

The moon has been the cause of great cataclysms
Life was better before the moon came

The moon has a very erratic movement and should not be here
It vibrates pulsations transmitting them to great distances around it

It has waveform sequences that serve as a portal
Where entities of low vibration can enter our realm

It is a monitoring device and rings like a gong
The dark or far side of the moon is kept away from us
Because the operations there are open aired and would be in plane view

In the TV sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies
Mr Mooney is the banker
The money system is the mooney system

And the moon controls us by forces
That we do not even accept to exist!