The monkeypox virus is mutated smallpox

The so called vaccination will be given at 15 jab points on the arm
With a bifurcated needle that will cause lesions

A live smallpox virus will be injected
It will be easily spread because of the sores

The chance of being infected in public will be high
Things like public transportation is now risky

As it spreads it will lead to forced lockdowns and mandatory vaccines

This is the calm before the storm

As the human neurological system becomes more damaged
Sensory experience is disconnected

Our nerve endings are etheric
They are energy receivers

They braid the templates that bridge the gaps
Allowing connection to higher frequencies
That come from different dimensions

More children today have advanced neurological templates

Indigos come from the 6th dimensional portal
The energy signature is encoded in their aura
It is a blue ray wavelength

Others such as Arcturians have a 7th dimensional consciousness
They have an array of different colors
Like an arrangement of musical notes

Artificial chemicals alter brain waves
And our neurological system is under attack

Life is not being allowed to express itself properly

Humans are divine beings with higher selves in other dimensions
Through manipulation our vibration is put in discord
And we are kept in this matrix

Our electrical bodies are being short circuited

When you believe in yourself and your potential
When you channel your energy through the heart chakra
When you focus your intent with your electrical nature

You will have the tools to manifest
The universe will open up

You will speak into existence
Because your thoughts and words will become powerful electrical currents

And you will change this reality!