Alien technology has infected carbon transformations

The dodecahedron structure of carbon
Has been infiltrated with instruction sets
Creating programmable matter

Black goo is the warping of carbon
Into distorted and stretched shapes

But the incoming plasma ray transmissions
Is dissolving it at the molecular level

The goal was to mimic and take over carbon atoms
Of which the human body is now elementally based

Plasma rays radiate down the Universal Axis
And come out as Aurora frequency spectrums

Of iridescent pastel rainbow colors
With white opaqueness
Looking like oscillating sheets

These plasma rays have crystal consciousness

As this massive influx of cosmic rays continue
Carbon allotropes are liquifying at the subatomic level

As we absorb cosmic light
We gain electrons making us less dense
Freeing us from carbon based AI programming

Our ability to manifest now is made easier
Focus on what you want
And everything will work out

You have to drop the negativity
And celebrate your humanity

A spouse child or beloved pet
Will engender feelings of deep love
Raising our vibrations
Making us truly and eternally human

Then practice projecting that frequency into all directions
Heart based intelligence will result in higher sensory perception

And lower frequencies of depression and the negative ego
Will be shifted out

Make the future yours and claim it

You will never go higher than you think
Nurture your mind with great thoughts!