In the movie The Matrix, Morpheus says the Matrix is a computer generated dream world built to keep us under control and change the human into this.
He then holds up a battery.
In the movie Monsters Inc. monsters would walk through a door (interdimensional gateway) into a child’s bedroom frighten them and capture their energy.
They then took it back to power their world.
In the 1968 Star Trek episode Day of the Dove an alien entity purposely sows conflict and pits the Enterprise crew against Klingons to fuel hatred and negative energy.
When this is realized both sides are ordered to be jovial and laugh loudly with one another.
The entity then dissipates in silence, disengages from the computer and leaves the ship.
Our energy is electrically attracted to the vortex at the North Pole.
Where it accumulates into the Aurora Borealis and proceeds down into the earth.
We live in a self containing perpetual functioning plasmodial terrarium.
In between to extremely high electrically charged layers of frequencies.
Frequencies can solidify and create physical mass.
We are surface dwellers with aura cocoons.
The color of our aura determines our emotional state.
Our purpose is to produce energy for this energy generating machine we are in.
All life forms create either positive or negative energy.
Every thought and emotion is a current of energy.
Fear, guilt, stress and depression make a negative energy field.
We thrive off of positive energy but are now consistently produce negative energy.
That is why the North Pole vortex is dark where it was once a brilliant translucent white.
Our energy accumulates at the bottom of this terrarium machine.
And is processed and directed.
Electrical energy is sent up through the ground.
Spikes produce veins of precious metal.
Abiotic oil is produced and streams upward.
Earthquakes and tides are the result of the vibrations from this terrestrial underground processing area.
Trees and plants send forth their roots extending them downward to absorb the energy coming from below.
Centuries ago a deal with the Devil was made.
Precious gems were exchanged for human babies.
The arrangement benefitted both sides.
One side got rich and powerful.
And the other side were able to influence surface dwellers for their own benefit.
Billions of humans emitting negative energy would be a massive food source.
David Icke has consistently said that the Royals are reptilian.
As did Princess Diana.
But that is only a partial truth.
All world leaders now have a reptilian consciousness.
The elite are central bankers and corporate moguls with Presidents as front men.
Why would the elite have such a ruthless attitude towards humanity?
They already have all the money they could ever need.
They control the Federal Reserve and if they want more money they can give themselves more at anytime.
They are old men who don’t have long to live.
Why should they care?
Why is there incessant inbreeding among the power elite?
It is because reptilian possession can repossess to other members of the blood lines.
In Los Angeles there exists what is called the Cannibal Club.
It is a private restaurant that serves human flesh.
There is also human hunting grounds for the upper class.
Which is a step beyond the Bohemian Grove.
In the rituals of the secret societies they eat dead people.
Does any of that sound human?
It only makes sence if the elite are reptilian.
They are also described as parasitic and insectoid.
They look like us, act like us, talk like us but are not us.
In the movie They Live the main character Nada finds sunglasses that shows the true identity of the social elite.
They are skull face aliens bent on world domination.
Nada fights to free humanity from these mind controlling aliens.
In real life the fake humans can be recognized by their reaction to blood.
And the pupils of their eyes are noticeably more reptilian shaped.
They also have a coldness of presence.
A human who steals the energy from another is called a vamp.
But Dracula is real and is being played out everyday.
The system we live in now has been intentionally designed to generate the energy of fear.
We are constantly fed news of misery, violence, disaster and death.
We are told to obey or face jail
Obey in school or fail
Obey our religion or go to hell.
The more low vibration that is produced the more they are fed.
Which is then used to acquire more energy.
The human population is being turned into an inter space energy source.
These creatures are tall.
They have what would resemble a Queen Bee.
Who has telepathic powers.
But does not like to be in our realm.
They want a subservient population of humans to feed off of.
So they can keep farming us and harvesting our emotional energy.
They have enticed humanity to eat dead animals.
The stress hormones of animals who fought to stay alive.
Then become part of us.
Lowering our vibration and producing negative energy for them.
These underground reptilian creatures have a proboscis.
Which is a worm like structure which can transmit their consciousness into a host.
Jewel Wasps, Web Slinging Wasps, Lancet Liver Flukes and Hairworms also have a proboscis.
When a proboscis enters another body it is taken over.
The elite have been required to donate one of their children to receive a proboscis.
People in influential positions who are not willing to cooperate are now forcibly restrained and given the proboscis.
A black eye is a sign of a person under the influence of a proboscis.
They are actively changing our world to suit them.
That is the main purpose of chemtrails.
We are under a spell while our habitat is receding.
They are constantly studying us.
And learning all that we know.
From the internet.
That is why it is there.
But we are advancing also from the accumulation of knowledge on the internet.
So there is hope.
Their plans is to have everybody chipped and easily controlled.
What we can do is change our frequency.
We can be considerate of others.
We can quit the abhorrent practice of the mutilation and murder of billions of animals each year.
And quit being indifferent towards all exploitation and experimentation on animals.
We can live in harmony with nature.
We can laugh and smile.
Just as certain concentrated energy vibrations can kill bacteria and viruses and ward off insects.
So can our energy overcome this infection.
We are out of pitch.
We need to return to the tone of life that is meant for us.
This is either the biggest bunch of you know what or the gravest concern for humanity.
The vibrational parity between astral planes has been manipulated.
We need to transform it back into positive energy.
And imagine good things.