The eternal spirit runs through the spinal column
Through our heart center and up to our skull

The elixir of celestial plasma enhances our bio neurology and our inner tri wave circuitry
Creating liquid light that links us to the planetary agents
Which connects us to the vast constellations of stars and to the Universal Mind of God

Energy blocks created by reversal currents and implants as well as mind control programs
Prevent us from fulfilling our soul contracts and from resolving karma

Nano tech has been rained down from chemtrails and injected in vaccines
Trying to convert sacred life to an artificial template

As the ruby template of Mars and the diamond template of Venus merge once again
New positions in the Universal Staff is generated
And the synchronism of the Cosmic Clock begins

The correct organic frequencies are returning
And the magic of a kiss or even a handshake can now wake up ones DNA

Glastonbury England is the heart chakra of the world
As it awakens it will activate our collective heart chakras

Valentines Day has its roots in the cosmos
Cupids darts were celestial electrical discharges
They were not from a winged boy with a bow and arrow

Rutilated quartz is also called Cupids Darts and is said to attract love
The name rutilated comes from the Latin word rutile meaning red
It has reddish inclusions of titanium oxide

Sexual love creates the conditions for the appearance of life
And females are equipped to protect and nourish it

The holy conduit is the Cosmic Mother
As she breathes with new life we become awakened

In ancient Sumerian hymns called the Exaltation of Inanna
Inanna who is Venus is compared to a Shining Torch
Clothed in awe inspiring radiance
Whose brilliance fills the heavens

She is also associated with the life giving garden
The flowering green bed which she prepares for her lover

The vibration of universal love is female
Let us honor their divine energy!