We all need to clean out our bodies and detox

There are chemicals in the water such as chlorine bleach
Heavy metals in the air from chemtrails such as aluminum
That suppress our immune system
And make us more sensitive to radiation

Poisons in our food such as herbicides and pesticides
Preservatives and flavor enhancers such as MSG
Artificial sweeteners

Plastics and fillers in processed food

We are around highly toxic cleaning products
Such as toxic hand sanitizers

There are harmful chemicals in building materials and paint
And in lotions shampoos deodorants

And a whole host of dangerous and deadly ingredients in vaccines

Apple pectin effectively binds with such chemicals and removes them from our body
It is a natural chelator and detoxifier

Pectins are polysaccharides
They are chemical lattices of healthy fruit sugar and beneficial alcohol

The best source of pectin is apples

Pectin is not broken down and stays in its macro molecular form
When it is in the intestinal tract it attracts water and swells in size

Pectin has a electric charge and binds with heavy metals and radionuclides
Then carries them out of the body

A non threatening dose of lead and a non threatening dose of mercury
Can become life threatening

Pectin also blocks the absorption of unhealthy sugar and cholesterol

We get 100 percent of our unhealthy cholesterol and 97 percent of unhealthy saturated fats
From eating animal products

Pectin enhances digestion and promotes the optimal environment
For healthy microflora to grow

It is also a soluble fiber and cleans the colon

I do a 3 day apple diet eating 5 apples twice a day
Make sure you eat organic apples
Sprayed apples have a build up of toxins under the skin
The skin is where most of the pectin is located

The best tasting apples like Honeycrisp are usually the most expensive

Pectin is the best way to deal with all the contaminants purposely spread in our environment

If you have taken the jab
It would be a good idea to do the apple diet at least once a month

Enjoy your detox!