CERN is a harvesting machine
It also opens up a rift
And lets the archons in

Electromagnetic pulses
Such as the ones from
Cell phone towers 5G installations and LED lights
Degenerate our energy field

And causes cellular deterioration
Preventing them from functioning properly

5G is also killing bees
Destroying their echo locating centers

The sun has been manipulated
To keep us from realizing
We have made a dimension shift

We live in only a small part of the total earth
Aliens are extra terrestrial
Meaning outside of our realm

Blood from blood drives
Is being used as a food source for reptilians

If you want to take over an entire species
Keep them separated – social distancing
Limit their ability to communicate – masks
Then hook them up to a computer – vaccines

Masks have microbials and nano particles put on them
They prevent exhalation of your carbon dioxide
Which is your waste material
They also prevent inhalation of oxygen
Without sufficient oxygen your cells die

When you die do not go to the light
If you do and there is not a body to go to
You get stored in a box
For later processing

If you cannot exit in a high vibration
You are stuck here
In a prison within a prison
A complicated program

The negative elite
Did not make the shift to the higher 4th dimension
And are now being turned into clones

The laws of the new Age of Aquarius
Are Instant Karma
And reciprocity

What you give comes back to you
This includes humans and animals

This new age will be more positive

The universe was designed
So that you could slowly get out

Water can be made into a beautiful design through thought
And we are mostly water

Download upgrades within yourself
So you can ascend!