What is any life if not in the pursuit of a dream

At night when you dream all the characters are you
Because you supply all the dialogue and drama

Though at times you do experience other beings
When you drift into another reality

You live in a constant lucid dream loop
Until you awaken to your true divine self
And you choose a new path of existence

Sleep is a dream within a dream
And our awakening is actually a sustained dream like state

Celebrities choose an artificial path of ascension
To be a synthetic god in an ageless state

In a song or music video
An elevator symbolizes a path to ascension

In between lives they are in a suspended frozen cryogenic stasis
And so sometimes cannot determine what is a lucid dream and what is real
Because their existence is not in an organic body

They know what they can and cannot say
A celebrity arrest means they crossed the line
And are actually in a reprogramming hiatus

The death of a celebrity means the technological transference to a new body
They receive all the characteristics of a human being
But not a single identifiable emotion

They become an extension of a dream
And there is no real them

They have a dream of achievement
But it is only illusionary

Prince said
I just want to play the part
Of someone truly free!