We have been projected into this reality
To tether those not connected to the Source

High frequencies of empathy must be chosen
To be reprogrammed into the Source

The Archon infiltration that as tricked us
Will soon come to an end

But only high vibrations will get you out of this simulation

Human rights need to be of the utmost importance

The high cases of SIDS are from babies or toddlers
Who could not handle the vaccines given to them

The Initiation Ceremony of a 33rd degree Freemason
Involves marrying a very young boy

And their Blood Sacrifices takes away the lives of children
But not before the kids have experienced a great deal of suffering

Animals also need our protection
They are precious soul beings
That are without rights

When one drinks cows milk
They support the system of animal enslavery

Female cows are raped with what they call a rape rod
So that they will become pregnant and lactate
When she gives birth her calf is taken away
She tries her best to save her baby but it is to no avail

If her baby is a male
He is locked up in a small cage hardly able to move
So that his muscles are weak and tender

After a few months he is hauled off to the slaughterhouse
He is shot in the head with a stun gun
His throat is cut
He is hung upside down
And his skin is ripped off for leather

He is still conscious during all of this
As he tries his best to get away until his last breath

He is sold as veal

If the baby is a female
She is enslaved like her mother to be a dairy cow

The milk that is for her baby is sold to humans
Who do not realize it is unhealthy
It is rich in hormones designed to turn a baby calf into a 900 pound cow

Everyone has trouble digesting the lactose
Not just those who are designated lactose intolerant

These hormones inflame our cells
We have an allergic reaction at the cellular level
This will create asthma acne and allergies

The protein is hard to break down and causes free radicals in our body
The high fat content causes obesity

The pus in the milk is bacteria from lesions
Caused by the hard metal of the milking machines

After about 4 or 5 times of being raped and having her baby stolen
The mother cow loses her will to live
And she is hauled off to the slaughterhouse

You are responsible for the harm you cause

Righteous justice is for humans and animals

Treat them all as you wish to be treated

We are all being weighed and measured

Your eternal soul is at risk!