Negative thoughts like toxic food creates poisons
Do not be pessimistic
Do not be jealous

Without virtue total healing is not possible

Become optimistic
Venerate and honor your body
Set an ideal of high intent

When there is a general malaise or discontent from an ailment or disease
It gives rise to negative thoughts and a bad attitude

Become your own doctor and dietician
Tap into your higher self
Who knows the resonant sequences that are necessary to open portals of frequency

Realize that you are God Consciousness
To switch realities you have to have vibrations that are more powerful than the previous ones

You have to understand the negative structure
That indoctrination has degenerated our society

That 95 percent of processed foods in supermarkets have GMOs which lower your vibration and change your DNA
GMO crops are sprayed with Round Up that has glyphosate insecticide

You are eating the same poison they put out for mice and rats
Which is very cruel to humans and small animals

Doctors Professors Pastors etc cannot talk about it or they lose their license
They value their livelihood over your health and well being

Most illnesses are the result of being poisoned
They create disturbances throughout the body
And prohibit the proper distribution of energies

Toxins need to be flushed out of the body
So that the system of vital forces can be replenished

Toxic poisons from pesticides herbicides and preservatives
Promote rarefication of the bones and atrophy of the muscles

Exercise relieves tension and sweating gets rid of toxins
Pectin in apples is like a broom scrubbing embedded noxious matter

A three day apple diet of ripe organic apples will cleanse the body
Depending on the bodys ability to assimilate baked apples might be better
Apple cider vinegar should also be taken internally as well as massaged in

It will stimulate circulation
Rebuild cartilage
Strengthen vertebrae
Enliven tissue
Take down inflammation
And supply nerve energy

Stumbling blocks of health are sometimes put there
To put you on the path of your lifes purpose

So that the soul may be an expression of its ideal
Which is to manifest the glory of creation!