We as humans need to connect ourselves to the Whole
To the marvel and complexity of all life

Being in the natural beauty of the living ocean
With so many species
Is a wonder to behold

Stunning beams of sunlight glisten down into kelp forests teeming with life
It is an untouched paradise

Varieties of fish swarm around you
Seals come up and stare into your eyes

Turtles and manta rays wild and free
Giving you a sense of this is how life is supposed to be

If we all attune into a landslide of awakening
This will not become a distant dream from another life

Our perception of reality is being obliterated
Our souls are being separated from the Oneness of life

Toxic chemicals such as sodium fluorosilicate or hydro flu silicic acid
As well as chlorine is dumped into our water supply
And we are told that it cleanses it

We are given addictive synthetic pills with terrible side effects
And are told they are good for us

We consume other intelligent life
And are told that is the way it has always been

But our history has been forged
And we have forgotten who we really are

Zinc and titanium are sprayed upon us
As part of solar radiation management operations

They are also put in sunscreen and cosmetics
These toxic chemicals bond with proteins in our cells
Making cells dysfunctional and unproductive

We have become addicted to synthetic poisons
And separated from other life with living souls

Famous people such as Cher now in her late 70’s
She who is really a he still looks like she did in her 20’s

It is because she drinks the blood of sacrificed children
Her split personality and acting skills deceives the masses

In the same way we consume baby animals
And do not care where the meat came from

But an addict does not care
As long as they get their next fix!