In the former ages
Mars resonated with the harmonic synchronization of the universe

In the previous era
Venus brought forth an echo that complimented this primordial resonance

This crafted new patterns and established new rhythms
Introducing the infinite choreography of duality

There was a bifurcation of the core frequency
And an epochal shift from unity
Into a myriad of harmonics

Venus portrayed as Eve unveiled a gamut of frequencies
Setting the stage for new spectrums and uncharted states of experience

The apple is a symbol of a torus with a bite
Eden is the green glow of Venus

Original sin is the birth of a new rhythmic pattern of undulating duality
And an oscillating sine wave with negative and positive polarities

The polar vortex is the spinal column of the universe where energies ascend and descend
The human spinal column is the microcosm that can send out positive energies to the universe
Or allow negative influences to filter in at its base

Mars and Venus is Adam and Eve
Venus with her multiple sine waves
Pushed singularity into duality
By causing an interplay between positive and negative forces

The soul is in a continuous endeavor to maintain equilibrium
To harmonize the experiences of this realm
With the realms from which it came

The soul seeks to embrace individuality while recognizing interconnectedness
It knows there is a purpose behind the crests and troughs of your sine wave

Your sine wave paints a picture of the rhythm of life
Of the constant dance between highs and lows
Each thought is a leader lightning strike

Frequencies at 432 hertz stimulate our energy centers
Promoting inner healing and advancing spiritual development

They amplify regeneration and harness our full potential
The harmonic 432 frequency of the earth guides us back to balance

The serpent in the tree of life is a celestial sine wave
It is a spiraled structure on the universes DNA strand of twisting helixes

It is a new script narrating the dance of light and shadow
That replaced the primordial waveform

Our yearly journey through the zodiac
Is an expression of different energies across a sine wave

Venus bathed in radiant glow emanates particle waves
That interact with and exerts force on the elemental magnetite found within all living organisms

Venus alters the behavior of our electrons that link neural pathways
Which affect our thoughts and influences our biological attractions

Mars has a distinct cosmic radiation that stimulates our adrenaline production and our primal instincts

We are active participants in our reality
Constantly intertwining and interacting with cosmic frequencies

Our waveform organizes photons into our reality
Create a harmonizing sine wave!