Mark Mueller the head of the FBI
Meets with Mark Zuckerberg the head of Facebook

FaceBook + Instagram = FBI

Google Facebook and Twitter have an unparalleled database
On the people of the world

All your information and all your secrets go into Clonaid databases
Who build human clones who appeal to you

These are rolled out in Hollywood and politics
Even in sports
Wherever the public places their attention

They use your data and create hosts
Who mirror your ideal influencer

A new race of people is being birthed
Many of whom are being genetically engineered to be both genders

A race of compliant obedient serfs
Who will take the Mark of the Beast without question

The Mark of the Beast will be the micro needle array patch
Sent in the mail

Once we are upgraded we will no longer have the ability to repent
In that way taking the mark is unforgiveable

Humans will be nodes on a cybernetic collective
A part of the neural network of a massive supercomputer
A human computer interface interwoven into the Internet of Things

Our future will be controlled
In a massive quantum computer simulation

Our brain will project a hardware version of the universe
From neural net software

Humans will literally be in a hive mind internet
A mirror world which connects to the internet
Which will see and be seen by everyone else

The AI Google Metaverse and the video game SIMS
Are preparing minds to accept this next step into a virtual world

When your DNA frequency or bio code signals
Resonates with or matches the broadcast frequency
A superhighway of information will be created that controls you

It will be like an advanced video game
Where you are in the computer screen

A new dividing line will be drawn in America
The ones who are part of the program
Having their thoughts manipulated by a super computer

And the ones who are not!