The Knights Templar is an ancient order
Of the ones ensconced with the Cosmic Clock
Which was the Wheel of Saturn
Which was its rotating ring system

They could shift timelines by igniting the 12 scepter pillars
Which were the rays extending from Saturn
To the lower densities of the matter field or outer rings

Density blocks mass consciousness of ascending timelines

A individuals personal holographic blueprint
Determined their station of identity in the Cosmic Clock

Which has now been transferred to the time of ones birth
In relation to the position of the rotating stars
That have been arbitrarily formed into constellations
Named after former configurations in Saturns cosmos

Which is called astrology

Our previous incarnations constitute linear perceptions
Which give us individuation within a particular density
And provide lessons for consciousness growth
In the process of biological aging

Density blocks out the higher dimensions
That reveal the universal time matrix

And conceals the parallel realities of the harmonic universe

Scepter codes clear density
And builds the horizontal steps of the Stairway to Heaven
That allow access to the Ra Sun God or Saturn World Creation

Starting on 2 22 2022 the code rays of Saturn
Will again start to extend out to its ring system or Cosmic Clock

And those receiving these Emerald Order transmissions
Will begin the next phase of consciousness expansion

It will be a reenactment of the 1st God World
As instruction sets of the Emerald Sun are activated

The Knights Templar are also called the Emerald Dragon time keepers

Rock star Jimmy Page of Led Zepplin wore an outfit during concerts
That displayed the Emerald Dragon

The return of the Emerald Order
Correspond to the instruction codes sent out to the complex layers
Of the macrocosmic architecture of creation

Which hold multiple timelines
And will greatly enhance consciousness evolution potentials

The Emerald Crystal pillar rays of Saturn
Which forms aquamarine spirals
Generates the Emerald Tree of Life

And with the White Diamond flame of the Cosmic Mother or Venus
And the Christ Child or Mars in the womb or holy sepulcher chamber of Venus
It becomes the Cosmic Clock Templar!