There are 10 dangerous pathogens being sprayed on masks:
1) Streptococcus pneumonia
2) Mycobacterium tuberculosis
3) Neisseria meningitis
4) Acanthamoeba polyphagia
5) Acinetobacter bomani
6) Bourelle burgdorferi
7) Corynebacterium diphtheriae
8) legionella nemophila
9) Staphylococcus pyogenes serotype
10) Staphylococcus aureus

All over the USA teachers are yelling at students
Put on your masks!
Security guards telling people
You cannot come in without a mask!

As the intensity of the current shift cycle heats up
So is the madness that proliferates chaos and darkness

The people who are co conspirators of this artificial alien agenda
Are being massively rewarded with money and wealth

Our 3D realm had become much more infected
With artificial intelligence alien machinery and holographic inserts

This ascension cycle is the target of dark forces
Pulling many in the wrong direction
Causing a bifurcation or splitting in two of humanity

Thoughts and belief systems are becoming more intense
What we send out is coming back with increasing immediacy

This cause and effect backlash will increase self deception and mental bondage

The co conspirators are becoming spiritually inert
While secretly accusing the masses of being useless eaters

There will be a karmic narrative
And accountability is just a matter of time

The mental and emotional imbalances caused by the mask wearing of the Scam demic
Is tapping into unresolved conflicts and insecurity
Stemming from the lies and deception we are told about the nature of reality

Our realm is the result of Divine Source Architecture
And we are designed to act spiritually with it

Regardless of what is being deceptively communicated to us
By the extraterrestrial race who have planted their flag here
And claimed the Earth as their territory!