Your Merkabah is your energy that connects you to other dimensions
It gives you the potential for time travel
When you are attuned to the Source
And living in harmony with the Earth and its creatures

DNA fire codes are time vectors
And they will be fully switched on
Enabling consciousness transport between time fields

The increasing plasma influx is stimulating DNA and its fire codes
Which have been mutated and reversed to keep us in lower states
So that our energy can easily be siphoned off

The interpolating into another plasma reality or field
Is done by your Avatar Self or Avatar Source

As the energetic circuitry and meridians in the earth plane are restored
Our bodies will have an increase in vital force circulation
Inspiring us to embrace our higher nature and true essence

This powerful reorganization of the Cosmic Time Cycle is extraordinary
It is a new design encompassing our consciousness

Subatomic particles are being ionized
Creating electrical energy which causes chemical reactions within the body

Our aura is now generating stronger plasma fields and becoming brighter
Giving us higher frequencies and a higher consciousness
With a multidimensional awareness that is unbound to time

We are undergoing a massive change at the quantum scale
Yet it feels distinctly familiar
Like a foreign language coming back to you

We are rebuilding interstellar links
As the earth portals are realigning to multiple star systems

We are experiencing the mechanics of wave and particle density
Being transformed into a more formless existence by waves of light

Enabling us to be our own stargate
To bilocate or time travel
Bridging lost attachments to soul tribes

Transcending the pitfalls of the negative ego
And the games being played in this material world

Freeing our inner inspiration to be of service to others

Giving us greater passion to illuminate the eternal light
Upon the shadows of darkness
Shining upon it the greater truth!