If the sun is approximately 93 million miles behind the moon
Why is the side that faces us and is opposite the sun sometimes lit up?

And if space is a vacuum absent of molecules
How is the heat energy transferred from the sun to earth?

Our realm was once a dream machine
And the former Saturnian sun projected our positive intent into reality

The more we hold the original dream of life by projecting positive intentions
The more the deep state will melt away

Sodium Azide is an acute toxin
It is an odorless white crystalline solid
That turns to hydrazoic acid vapor upon contact with water
It is highly explosive and will eventually kill you
Yet it is in the Covid Omicron Antigen self test kits

Citric acid which is put in many foods
Is genetically modified black mold

When asked about why she has lived so long
Chimera actress Betty White said
She has subsisted mainly on the diet of young boys

44 years ago on January 27-29 the Midwest had its worst storm ever
Reaching minus 50 degrees
Obama was the 44th President
Will this be when they crank up the 5G
Causing the bacteria injected by the vaccinations to spread rapidly
Which will be blamed on the unvaccinated
And ensuing widespread restrictions on their movement

A meteorite is supposed to come close to the earth on January 24
Will this fake event be blamed for the directed energy triggering of Kilauea and La Palma

Was the recent Tonga underwater explosion that produced a one foot tsunami
Just to unconsciously prep people into ignoring warnings

While making them believe tsunamis are the result of volcano shockwaves or landslides
Instead of directed high energy technology

Will Jewish controlled Iran bomb Israel
Or Jewish controlled Russia invade Ukraine
Or China invade Taiwan
Simultaneously with these other engineered events

All leaders are subjugated to the same chimeric reptilians

On October 18 1989 President Ford predicted the first female President
She being the Vice President but moving up because of the death of the President
That was 33 years ago which is the favorite number of the Masonic Illuminati
Will Kamela Harris assume the office of the President this year

On January 23 there will be a trucker strike in Canada
Will this be the start of food shortages
The food shortage of 2020 was to prep us for the upcoming one

These engineered crises have been in the works for over 100 years
Since upper level Freemason Albert Pike predicted 3 world wars in the 1880s

In order to seal us into blind obedience
By hooking us up to The cloud
Which is the quantum computer data base

The blood of the vaccinated turns a dark reddish blue
If you have been vaxxed you need to detox immediately

When the blood is full of toxins and foreign material
Our body deteriorates

When our blood is clean and detoxified
The body resumes its natural abilities

The spleen is again able to produce white blood cells
To heal tissue nourish muscles manage immune responses
And direct our life force

Our blood is then spiritualized to circulate our true heartfelt essence
Our blood holds our entire consciousness record blueprint
Defining our human identity

We then are able to create a new reality
With new energized color frequencies
From unity code harmonics
Which are a result of multidimensional blending
That is happening now
And can be seen in the visible light spectrum!