It is fundamental to stay on a positive vibration

As you move forward to higher levels
The more potent you become
And the easier it is to manifest

First you have to feel the pain
Before you can feel the compassion

You cannot be too emotional
But you have to direct it with your mind

There is a positive anger
And a low vibrating negative anger

There is a positive compassion
And a demeaning degrading attitude of pity

A person with positive energy will build you up
A person with negative energy will suck you dry
That person is an energy vampire

You can scream at someone in a way
To help them overcome their barriers

And you can scream at someone in a way that belittles them
That looks down at them

If you maintain yourself in a victim mentality
You will always be one and you will always blame others

When in fact you are projecting a negative version of others
Into your reality with your thoughts

When you play the savior victim game
You tell yourself you have no power
And you need someone to rescue you

Switch to self responsibility
Get out of the game or you will self destruct

Anger is your friend
It is there to protect you

In a traumatized person there is a lot of stored anger
They feel uncomfortable with themselves
A lot of times they are in like a dream state and not fully there

To get out of the desperation you need to project yourself onto the field
And speak out with your heart

You will be able to feel the emotional pain of others
By your higher self you will be an advocate for them
You will be like a miracle to them

All heart chakras are connected
To become a higher being you have to identify with your heart
It is the entrance to everything

Pull yourself into your heart and let it speak
Your poisonous stored fears will dissolve
And you can enter the door!