The moment you are born you are attacked with vaccinations
Getting 7 or more doses in one sitting
And 25 before the age of 12

You are injected with insane chemicals

This damage sets you up for all life
With chemical and spiritual warfare

Behavorial issues include a lack of empathy
Inability to concentrate
Diminished spiritual connection to nature
Cosmic energy gets blocked
And an attachment to the ego is enforced

We are in a Sci Fi horror movie

Negative energy gets promoted
Natural healing frequencies get repulsed
And entities gain access to our life force

Aerosols are pumped into the atmosphere
Making our condition worse

We go to naive doctors who give us pills that do not work

Pseudoscience deceives the masses
Electric pendulums are put up in museums
That are supposed to prove a rotation of the earth

The rotation of the pendulum depends on the initial force
And the physical make up of the ball and joints

The Coriales Effect is also supposed to prove a rotation of a round earth
By which way the water spins in a sink
But this depends upon the angle the water enters the bowl
And also the shape of the bowl

We cannot feel the earth spin because it is not spinning

Planes helicopters balloons birds and insects are supposed to not be affected
By this fake spin because they get immersed in the atmosphere
Which supposedly rotates with the earth

Or else they could just fly up and the earth would spin under them

People believe this ridiculous nonsense
Because of the numbing down from vaccines

They have a harder time thinking for themselves
So they accept what they are told

And they are now taking the fake Covid vaccine
Because they cannot conceive of another reality!