We are being tenderized for the 5D great awakening
It is the realization of a parallel world
An artificial construct created in the 5th dimension
A synthetic reality

We have been given synthetic food and toxic water
And mind altering chemicals in the form of pills

We are receiving deceitful programming
And electronic mind control

We snack on a bag of GMOs
As the media lies to us

Young people struggle to memorize the brainwashing curriculum of the educational system
Focused only on their own gain
Not realizing they are being redirected to an artificial state of consciousness

As unsuspecting humanity chooses a synthetic 5D plane of existence
Competing alien civilizations are using our 3D realm as a laboratory experiment
For genetic manipulation

The elite have already made their chose
They have chosen to be living synthetics

But they are trees without fruit
They are raging waves foaming up their own shame
They will wander like stars beyond the veil until they expire

They have become numb
They seek feeling in drugs such as adrenochrome

They seek emotion in extreme sports
But cannot feel excitement
Yet they feel the absence of love and life

Being in a clone takes over your spiritual energy and your soul

The elite do not fear death like we do
But they do fear karma or divine judgement

The highest wisdom passes through the brain
Directly into the heart!