Golden Ratio is the divine order found in nature
And represents the resplendent truth about the divine nature of reality

The human soul is of divine geometry
Where light represents inevitable victory over darkness

Where the Golden Rule is the collective moralistic light
Bringing about the Great Awakening

When we comprehend who we are
And what we are capable of
That we have the capacity to access higher fields of information
Which utilizes life force energy for ascension

That we are meant to have success and abundance
Our full potential will be unlocked
And opportunities will flow to us

Enter the light of union and wholeness
And you will be guided by synchronicity

Only do not let expectations hinder your path

Nothing goes away until we are taught what we need to know

528 hertz is the frequency of musical mathematical creation
It is the love frequency that connects your spiritual essence
To heaven and earth

It can manifest miracles and produce blessings

528 is essential to sacred geometry and is throughout natural design
It is also consistent with DNA structuring

It is the Golden Mean which broadcasts energy into matter
And matter into reality

Love will make the soul shine
Indifference will keep it dark

Indifference to the suffering of animals
Keeps people in the dark

You cannot love animals and eat them at the same time

Little attention is paid to our diminished capacity for compassion
Science and technology considers compassion irrelevant

Grief also numbs the soul

Humanities heartless profit driven madness
Is using animals as objects to consume

The world is pleading with the resplendent sacred core of our being
When we stop resisting we will have a more fulfilled existential existence
And follow a journey of sincerity

Incorporate into our presence forces of the heart
And project them into this world

Be inspired

Go beyond superficial layers
Into the lifeblood of humanity
And unveil the beauty of being alive!