Like the phasors or the photon torpedoes of the Star Ship Enterprise
There is now a weapon system in your neighborhood

Microwave energy is launched from cell towers
And circulated in nemo pads
Which are little cubes on street lamps and WiFi set ups

They can be broadcast at 60 giga hertz
Which takes away oxygen and your ability to breathe
But they have many different frequency modulations

They are like a non stop sniper
And can go for miles
Boosting their capacity to hit people in remote areas

During mass gatherings in Australia
The military rolls out their Active Denial System
Which is a long range acoustic energy weapon
It is high microwave radiation which cooks people

It is hidden in vans
Many are masked as delivery vehicles

The 5G system itself is a bioweapon
It is turned up at night while you sleep
It weakens you and makes you sick
But a doctor will diagnose the symptoms as Covid

Elon Musk satellites are carrying 6G
Which is even more supercharged
They will say it is for super super quick internet

These are Draconian measurements

Most people will just keep going along with what they are being fed
Putting them deeper into the dominion of the Matrix

They are actually guardians of the Matrix
They enforce the indoctrination which holds together
Their false concept of reality

Like in the movie The Matrix
When truth threatens the matrix
Mr Smith pops up and threatens you

And people return to their mass delusion!