The moon is a holographic projection of AI machinery
Under close examination one can see a grid pattern
With inner workings of straight edges and bars of light

One can also spot scalar waves
Moving upon the surface

It is a spinning portal vortex
Sending down electromagnetic pulses
And allowing entities into our world
Which create havoc in people

The word smart as in smart phones
Stands for Surveillance by the Military
On Residences through technology

All military members are vaxxed when they enter basic training

Everyone will be encouraged to spy on others
Who are not merged with the machine
To report it when they see someone sneeze

People who have taken the jab
Emit a Blue Tooth signal
With a MAC address
MAC stands for Media Access Control

This tracks them and also supplies their identity
And will also have their social digital credit score

People are being changed gradually and not realizing it

Global warming is fake because the weather is controlled
It will be used to promote a universal income

We originally had ESP and a common trust
It was taken away by reptilians and their technology
Their goal is to take away our sovereignty
And make us a helpless perpetual loosh source

Aberrant accumulated energies and emotional disturbances
Have splintered the soul
And will trap humans into realms of soul based trauma

The game of forced reincarnation in this reality
And the consuming of our collective spiritual light source
Is coming to an end

So is this implemented food chain of animals
Which is nothing more than enforced vampirism
Through genetic manipulation and mind control

All animals should be treated like we treat our dogs and cats

Now is the time to raise your vibration
The best place to start is to quit eating animals
And their secretions!