A lockdown is Martial Law
The next one will be permanent

There will be long lines at Wal Mart
Wal Mart is Martial Law spelled backwards

Other grocery stores will close

It is a very good idea to grow your own food

Masks mandates will come back big time

People will be standing at Wal Mart
Wearing their N95 mask
Which has LED lights of different colors

It will let others know you got the jab
Red will mean stay away

Other colors will signify you have a certain variant

People are becoming so out of touch with reality
They will think this is all legitimate

At this time also the self administering patch will come out
Those who refuse this fake vaccine will become non members of society
Unable to buy or enter a business or travel

On fake TV they are calling the unvaxxed
Neo Nazis Conspiracy Theorists and Terrorists

City council members who vocally oppose these anti freedom mandates
Are being snatched out by Federal and State authorities

Tanks rolling through town
Commandoes breaking down doors
Police tackling people to the ground
Forced jail time
Contact tracers accusing people of being infected
Are scare tactics more than anything
But will happen

We are being isolated and degraded

People have been herded into one entrance at stores
To acclimatize them for upcoming checkpoints

The immunity vaccination passport will soon be digitized

This is a reptilian game
By beings who are unable to feel any remorse or empathy

Humans are becoming more and more like them

And in the afterlife
Will even start to look like them!