Viruses mutate in order to survive

They are designed in silico which means in the computer
And the genetic mutations or variants are also pre designed
By the arrangement of nucleotides which determine the sequences of the genes

The production of enzymes and proteins by the new injected viruses are also controlled

16 HIV fragments enable access to the nucleus

The production of the enzyme integrase by the ribosomes
Allows the foreign chimeric DNA to integrate with the host DNA

The SiRNA or silent RNA will determine the variation
The transcription recombination and replication are studied beforehand

Pathogenic priming is the influence of the previous flu vaccines
Dormant genetic material is ready to reproduce as a virus

Upon the introduction of the Covid 19 vaccine
The dormant nano scale viruses are awakened

The sticky ends of these fragments adhere
To the newly introduced genetic material
And a specific mutation is engineered
This is called ligation

The original injected Covid 19 virus immediately changes into a variant
So even if the Covid vaccine targeted the Covid 19 virus it would be useless

The micro needle array self administered vaccine
Will be introduced sometime this year

It will be hailed as a wonder drug vaccine
That gets rid of all variants
Including future ones that have yet to be formed

The vaccine fence sitters will be coerced into taking it
They will think they will have a normal life again if they take it
But things will never get back to normal

Hysteria will erupt when the fake spread of the variants
Is placed squarely on the shoulders of the crazies who are resisting

The vaxxed are the ones who should be avoided
Because they spread spike proteins
Specifically glycoprotein 120

Boosters are already being offered for variants

Just a casual look behind the reasoning of these vaccines and boosters
Show that they are an insult to common sense

Taking a hot bath of Borax and Epsom salts
Will draw out the nano particles

You can also take Borax internally
Despite what it says on the box

It is just a simple salt
Limit your amount with just teaspoons
And do not take it everyday!