A spectrum of wave frequencies is transmitted from each dimensional layer
And arranged in a thoughtform containing intent

They interface at multiple layers
And hold an array of consciousness experiences

They contain mathematical ratios which control our electron spin
And are an eternal source of energy
For all our stations of identity

And for traveling through multiple timelines and dimensions

The energy waveforms that make up the holographic template
Is conscious and intelligent

The eternal consciousness of the God source
Resides within and all around all of us

Every living being exists in the eternal divine spiritual blueprint
To develop our blueprint we must align ourselves
With the principles of Natural laws
Also called the Law of One which is our highest expression

We are in a mutual relationship with energy of all sorts
All systems of energy are connected
They organize and define what conscious energy will become

We can direct positive or negative polarity
As positions of energy to manifest
Determining the quality

Our cells are intelligent energy also
They actually wait for us to guide them
Into a larger system of energy

Ultimately all energy returns back to the center point of all union

Collective fear patterns from events such as the Lemurian holocaust
Are still recorded in energy fields as well as human cells
They give rise to anxieties shutting down the human heart
Causing one to reject spiritual values
Such as honesty integrity and sincerity

Our goal should be energetic balance
And a flow of loving energy
That allows us to discover the deeper dimensions of the heart

We must face the buried and unresolved pain
That manifest in sadness grief and despair

We must address negative self talk
Forgiving ourselves and others

Unforgiveness manifests as judgment resentment and anger

We must take time for play and humor

We will then achieve renewal and strength
And self acceptance!