We are living out the last dregs of our 3d matrix
It is an illusion because it is a projection of negative thoughts
It is the playing out of negative beliefs that have been given form

Ascension is the integration of our multidimensionality
It is the amalgamation of spirit and matter

The avatar that we are in is only a portion of our true self
Negative forms have separated our consciousness

Ten strands of our DNA were disconnected and shut down
By placing implants which prevented the production of the panullen and carboline hormones

This debilitated the pituitary and pineal glands
Because of this 95 percent of our brain became atrophied

Our 7 chakras have been operating at a very low level

But all timelines now are converging and coming into oneness
We are being upgraded as our cells regain the universal spin rate
And our bodies will once again be silicon crystal based

We have the power to feel whatever we want
And to think whatever we feel like thinking

When you get stuck in a negative 3d emotion
Let yourself feel it

Emotions are vibrations you need to feel
Be thankful you can feel emotions
And also be grateful you have the power to transform them

The Divine Feminine is bringing forth healing energy right now

You do not have to be in victimhood
As our inactive DNA kicks in we will experience spontaneous healing
The nano graphene in our bodies from chemtrails and vaccines will be purged

Part of the agenda of chemtrails was to block out the sun
To prevent the plasma rays from activating our dormant DNA

Our immortal Atlantean state of being will return
The scales or artificial lens placed over our consciousness by the Draco reptilians will be removed

The elite controllers know their time is up
Their black magic spells are being broken
And we will no longer be in a trance

We will see the truth
The keys to enlightenment are in our DNA!