Realms are full frequency bands of flashing energy waves
With built in layers of manifestation templates
Reflecting energy architecture designs of light and sound
For the purpose of consciousness experience

These morphogenetic fields have stored data appearing in numbers and codes
Creating complex mathematical formulas
Which form geomantic matrices in the wave spectrums
That construct our reality

Our original 12 strand DNA was the password
Into this universal computer
Which we can activate by our thoughts and intent

Thoughts become substances that crystalize into manifestation
Composed of patterns of frequency
That project the hologram of ones experience

Free will choices based upon ones interpretation of reality
Determine our dimensionalization

Our world has been enduring a dark Aeon of covert artificial machinery

The divergence between people living in phantom cocreations and positive polarity
Is becoming increasingly varied

Our original human silicate matrix 12 strand DNA has been warred against

The Caduceus with its entwining serpents
Is now the symbol of the medical system

As the Caduceus or Tree of Life or Universal Axis
Has been infiltrated with reversal currents
With the intended destruction of our glandular system
And damage to our DNA

So is the intent of our current medical system

Suffering is an intentional design of a program
That has been superimposed on the holographic computer
Which is our world

The intense plasma jets now currently infiltrating our realm
Are weakening the artificial holographic inserts

Humans are energy processors
We are the intermediary between the processor instruction sets
And what will be manifested

We can awaken our original 12 strand DNA
By having the eternal light of the God source
Which activates our highest potential
Through our alignment with natural laws
Which are rooted in eternal love
For all beings!