The SARS Corona virus is a biological construct
It is a cell inserted with poisons

It cannot exist outside the body
And needs to be injected

The vaccination has a gene modifier
It delivers a third DNA strand
Which is made of silicon that is covered with a veneer of gold

The gold is so that information can be digitally imparted and programmed

By looking at the government for protection
We are placing our trust in the ones who created the virus

As the DNA starts transformation
Humans will become hybrids
And lose ability to think on their own

This is the latest and most profound attempt
To turn people into a mindless serf class

Fluoride GMOs the education system media propaganda and 5G are forerunners

The existence of different blood types
Is evidence for genetic tinkering

The prevalence of RH negative blood among the elite
Is not a mutation of unknown origin as geneticists say
It is reptilian

5 percent of the population has RH negative blood
But most are normal people

If both parents are RH negative they cannot have children
Because oxygen does not get processed properly

Also the RH negative blood type cannot be cloned

Reptilians track those with RH negative blood
They have a high rate of disappearance

People with RH negative blood have a lower body temperature
And frequently an extra vertebrae

The Alps have been a locality of reptilian intervention
Swiss have a high rate of RH negative blood

This is why CERN is located there
And why CERN is now a sovereign state

It is now the center
For communication with the other side

Which they make blatantly obvious in their rituals
That are performed there

Different blood types affects one energetically
And will manifest physically

Palmistry tracks these lines of energy
The heart head fate and life lines as well as the mystic cross
Have their basis in fact

But like astrology are embellished for entertainment purposes

The masses are being kept in a veil of deception
A fog state which prevents them from seeing beyond the smoke and mirrors

Beheading rituals are performed by secret societies
For the forgiveness of sins
As well as for curses

They conjure Baphomet forces as they behead substitutes
John the Baptist was beheaded for this reason

The next time you want to put an authority figure up on a pedestal
Picture them at a sacrifice

Or at the Bohemian Grove
Running naked through the forest after a young boy!