In the 1990s Congress and NASA started hybridizing themselves
Synthetic biology in academics started in 2008

They switched bodies in some underground structure that houses containers of plasma that matches their DNA
Now anyone in the upper echelons is transhuman

If you are born into an insider family
You are chipped with a MAC ID
MAC is Medium Access Control

Their brain is monitored with an EEG
And they are watched how they behave around others

Chipped people will experience an astral projection like state
But they are actually in a computer undergoing neuron exchange

Everyone is at some level a cyborg deployed with biosensors
Humans are being electrically forced without their awareness or permission to adhere to the directives of nano tech
As they sit in front of the idiot box which destroys their common sense and ability to think

Your cell phone is a new body part
That detects signals from surveillance reconnaissance

As a result every synaptic exchange is tracked
So what you think in real time is observed

The people who run the world do not have a natural body and are obsessed with control
Plasmonic underground technology even watches and records our dreams

Neurons are taken out of a body and stored in a neuromorphic chip set
Then put into a clone that is created from stem cells

Many people who think they were born
Were just put into another body somewhere

We are given a storyline which we choose to play out
Whereas there are infinite choices available to us

Our brain produces an electrical copy of the energy forms outside of us
Our perceptions and beliefs then shape it as our external world
A spiritual outlook will rewire the brain in a positive way

Tell yourself the best feeling story of all your life experiences
This will reform old electrical circuitry and build new neural networks

As you project different beliefs and expectations with heightened feeling
The quantum field will interpret these latest innovative signals and display them back to you
Delivering their equivalents as your physical reality in this holographic world

As you program your brain you will overcome toxic thinking patterns and discard limiting beliefs
You will find your true power
That fills you with motivation inspiration and healing

You will be a master manifester and see all possible outcomes
Connecting to the one of your choosing!