The earth plane is the center of our universe
The planets who were the gods of ancient times revolve above us not around us

The occultic elite covet and obsessively use the former geocentric flat earth astrology
To determine the effects of planetary alignments and transits with respect to the stellar background

By removing earth from the motionless center of the universe
And billing it as just one of many billions of planets
The science of astrology has been turned into a pseudoscience

In the same way they gave us a religion where a loving god
Got all bent out of shape with anger and indignation
Over someone taking a bite out of an apple
Condemning the whole world

That same god ignores all the evil going on today
But threatens with the punishment of eternal damnation
If someone does not bow down and worship him

The position of planets and stars at ones birth
Determines the most influential celestial orbs

That will encode their plasma blueprint into our DNA
Those encryptions will later be activated by certain positions and alignments of planets
With respect to the stellar background

Mars and Venus are connecting again
After a long period of an unsteady love affair
It is now a good time to form relationships

The tension between them has been mended
Mars is now singing after moving forward and initiating everything

As Venus assumes a more notable role
Women will take on more exalted positions

February 10-19 will be an intense time of energy flow
Openings will allow you to achieve

If you can navigate the tremendous shift
It will bring out the best in you

Carbon under pressure becomes a diamond!