Our world is like a shallow bowl that contains water
Antarctica being the highest land in the realm

The Antarctic ice wall was created by the artificial dome
The dome is the reason for climate change
Before it we had a universal tropical and sub tropical climate

If you try to reach Antarctica
You will be arrested beforehand for crossing an imaginary line

The edge of our universe is almost limitless
It is where energy ceases to vibrate into matter
Falling off the flat earth is a crazy idea

The universe is based on mental energy
And everything vibrates
Realms are divided by energy vibration

We are in an artificial enclosed system
That is within a natural enclosed system

Because everything vibrates there is the law of cause and effect
Changing the vibration changes consciousness

The emission of photons is called bioluminescence
Lower 5th dimensional beings feed off our biophotons

The purpose of the dome and spraying us with toxic chemtrails
And propagandizing us with lies
Is to keep our vibration low

If you dwell at a low vibration
You resonate with demonic entities

5G radiates microwaves into your body
El is short for electricity
And Elon Musk means the electricity is on
The scent or purpose of is to change us into low vibrating synthetic beings

Most humans choose to be asleep and accept the program
Even though they are aware of it at a subconscious level
Denial is the most predictable human emotion

As our realm gets plugged into the 5th dimension
Manifestation can happen quickly
Right before your eyes

Therefore they want to keep us in an artificially induced state of consciousness
With no independent thought
Keep us sedated keep us selfish and keep us watching TV

To keep us in a mindset where we believe our temporary taste pleasure
Is more important than the life of an animal

Connect to your divine essence
Love life and refuse life shortening fear and depression
Nature provides healing!