The Tomb of the Resurrection is a cave
With a circular stone in the entrance way

In the gospels
2 shiny beings outside the cave said Jesus had departed

In the Book of the Evangelism of James
Mary gave birth in a cave
The entrance of which had a brilliant light

Byzantine paintings of the nativity
Is always portrayed as a cave

Muhammad hung out in a cave where he prayed and meditated
Until he heard the voice of Gabriel on Mount Hira

The cave where Muhammad ascended accompanied by Gabriel
Has been assigned to underneath the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem
Is called that because of the cave underneath it

They are not caves but are passageways which have been blocked off
The buildings have been given a religious significance

Elijah actually lived in a cave
The great men of the Old Testament have their origin in celestial events
And are not real people

Zeus like Jesus was born and died in a cave
The story of Jesus or JeZeus was posthumously based on the story of Zeus who was Mars

The celestial bodies congregate at the north pole during cyclical occurrences
And is the basis for all myth and religion

The cave is the womb of Venus
Where Zeus was resurrected after 3 days

Which is also the belly of the beast
Where Jonah resided for 3 days

When we free ourselves from the chains of illusion
We open a portal to a deeper connection with the universe

A connection which unites us with existence
And reveals the splendor of true freedom!